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"When I was referred to John Austin, our taxes could not have been in worse shape. Our previous CPA without explanation simply did not file our taxes including several adjustments to previous years. John told me up front this was the worst he had ever seen and it would not be easy to resolve, but John diligently and comprehensively worked through every issue resulting in his bringing us completely up to date and saving a very significant tax refund that had almost reached the point after which it could not be refunded.

I wholeheartedly recommend John Austin for his competence, diligence and integrity. You will not find better."

Tim Brown 

"I own and operate a successful online business.  Because of the growth of my business, my tax return became a little more complicated.  John stepped in and advised me of the information needed to prepare my business tax return and itemizations.  He filed everything perfectly and on time.  I highly recommend him."

Mike Holbert

Do you dread tax season? I used to until I found John Austin and he took the  stress and headaches away! I now look forward to providing all my tax information to John in January and let him work his magic to make sense of all the information I give to him. He is fast and efficient - always there to explain what he is doing and why! He makes sense of all the tax code nonsense! Thanks John!

A satisfied customer - Barb Brand

December 3, 2012

Dear John,

I wanted to send a letter of thanks and appreciation for all the wonderful help Austin & Austin Accounting has provided to S.C. Coatings Corporation over the past 5 years.  In fact, this letter is long overdue. My husband and our partner are very happy that you offered your help to us.  Had you not come in to help us when you did, we would have lost our business to an embezzling secretary disaster.  Your expertise and professionalism in dealing with our finances has allowed us to rebuild and become profitable again. You helped us learn from our mistakes and have encouraged us to be more responsible business owners.  Our checks and balances are in better balance thanks to your proficient management of our finances.  Your sense of humor is always welcome when the storms come, which they do quite often in our present economy. 

I am happy to provide a reference for Austin & Austin Accounting, you and Jan are wonderful friends for more than 8 years now. We trust you implicitly with all of our personal and business financial matters because of your integrity and skill. And have on every given opportunity referred friends and colleagues to your business.

From helping me rebuild a crippled business to dealing with everyday financial affairs, Austin & Austin Accounting has always been dependable, straightforward and honest. Accounting fees can be quite expensive, but you have always been forthright with costs and hours billed, and even worked with us on payment arrangements. I'm happy to recommend Austin & Austin Accounting to anyone seeking business or personal tax accounting or management of any financial needs.

Audrey Podratz


S.C. Coatings Corporation


Austin & Austin Accounting Services